Yeah, I’m doing it. Hey, give everyone some incenses in advance, please. Yeah, yeah, burn them too. Then just give them to everyone. Here, let me. Yes, burn the whole pack, then give each person here one incense. Sorry then. Hello, my dear viewers. Y

Yeah, I’m doing it. Hey, give everyone some incenses in advance, please. Yeah, yeah, burn them too. Then just give them to everyone. Here, let me. Yes, burn the whole pack, then give each person here one incense. Sorry then. Hello, my dear viewers. Yeah, I have received some info that y’all have been sharing my series. I mean I’m very happy, because you’re sharing the good deeds that we’re doing. I very appreciate the gesture My God, too windy today! Here, stand on this side. Very windy. Again! So tiresome Come on, cover the fire. Yes, we dipped it in oil And it’s extinguished. How can we take this wick

Can’t pull it up. OK then. As you all know, a few days ago we just made a A short farewell video. A farewell clip to the old building of 121 Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Binh Thanh. And many of you had left various supportive, positive and sympathy comments to me. However, not all the details in that clip were, you know, true. We simply moved the entire company back to this building next to our new headquarter for the purpose of managing it better. Not because we were struggling. To be honest, right now, all companies and enterprises are all struggling. According to what I know, there are thousands of companies filing for bankruptcy every month.

Well, our company is just like them. No matter how big or small they may be. The covid really makes this year grimmer and unpredictable. However, the plan of moving to the new place had been prepared before all else, so it’s actually not a big deal. But I’d like to introduce the new building here. So that if you’re concerned about us, or want to buy any of our products. So this is our new home, and the 121 Hoang Hoa Tham street is the story of the past. We have moved out of there. And this is the new place if you ever want to visit. Please come and support me. 700 employees will soon gather at this place. This will be fun.

I tend to joke that this place will soon be the cultural center of the whole Ward 13. I mean I also tell that joke to some officials of the Ward 13 authority. They hope that this place would become as lively as the Hoang Hoa Tham Street. Right now is 11:00 AM sharp. It’s time to perform the ritual. Today is 6th, September, 2020. Don’t remember the lunar calender date. Yet I know that today, we do this ritual for our new house. Well, today is Sunday, so there are not many people here. Mostly the Board of General Directors here. So only more than a few dozens here. Yet this building is the house of more than 400 employees.

And Color Man House has now at least 200 employees. To sum up, right now we may have more than 700 employees. So payday will always be the tough day for us. Hence I tend to travel on the first days of the new month. Yet I always come back to sigh the payrolls. But I’m really happy, because there are potential buyers who would want to buy my company. And if you wanna buy, I still keep the same price: 500 million USD. You can always approach me. Enterprises, organizers, or even hot shots with serious financial capacity or deep pocket y’all can contact me for negotiating. Min price: 500 million USD.

Yes, you can buy everything with that price. OK, so I will be the first one entering the new building. If you all have visited or watched some of my clips This is our new house: 175 Phan Chu Trinh Street, Binh Thanh District. The office here is way more beautiful. Because the Color Man Home Design team has designed the layout of each floor. Beautiful. This is the reception desk for our lovely receptionist. Come in here, please. Where are my secretaries and receptionists? Come here. I look like a weirdo standing here. What do you think about our new reception desk? This spot is pretty dark. Why? How come? Yo, Khanh, the reception area is kinda dark. Can we fix it? Not enough light.

We need more light. We need more light bulbs. Yo, where are the white LED lights? Those yellow light bulbs ain’t bright enough. Trust me. We need some white LED lights to brighten this whole area. A little dark. Feel like I’m in a bar, or a pub. Gotta make it brighter. More lights then. Yeah, gotta make this place brighter. It looks nice, but That area is not noticeable enough. It’s a little This area, it needs a set of lights. I intended to put our logo light box there. No, no, please don’t. We need a white light box. We already have a threemeter-long set of lights. No, do me a favor and install white light boxes here.

Rectangular boxes. Sure, as you wish. They’ll make this place brighter. Please come with me, I’ll give you a tour. This wall of leaves will be very different on the grand opening day. Each leaf will have a different color, a colorful wall, then my staff will come and sign here. I estimate that there are 1000 leaves on this wall. This is gonna be a great background for pictures. This is the waiting area, there will also be a couch, and a few bookshelves. Great place for waiting and small meetings. Is this also a meeting room, Khanh? Dammit! So stiff. We have a lot of meeting rooms here, in the lobby.

Another meeting room, for 20 people. Amazing! Looks chilling, huh? But it’s not a chilling room, okay? Poor these gals, they couldn’t hold back their tears of joy. Wow! Look at this room. Look at this table. Please get me a bigger chair. We’ll have our very first progress meeting here tomorrow. This chair is low. I need my big, old chair back. It’s on its way here. This is like a river, we intentionally made it look like a river, A river of money flows toward me. Money will be dumped into the river from both sides and flows toward me. What a nice meeting room. But this screen is a little oldfashioned.

We should replace it with something modern like a huge LED panel. Please buy one. Please come with me to the top floor. Okay. It’s still new, hasn’t been modified or anything. Get in, Toan. Let’s fill this elevator. Get in, Trang. Hurry up! Get in! Can’t believe my whole Color Man team is here. I want to work here. Please don’t, people were envious of your place earlier That’s how life is, girl. There will be more. Yeah, more places like this for you. I didn’t envy their new workplace. Maybe, Facebook will I didn’t even have my own chair here. We’ll have a new place when Facebook buys our company.

Yeah, maybe. Is this the top floor? No, it isn’t. Wow! So cute. Where’s the furniture? They’ll bring it in after the ceremony. Oh! After the ceremony. So they’re waiting down there? Poor them! There’s another floor on top of this, It is the partying floor. The partying floor. Looks quite messy but it’ll soon be the partying floor. There will be a dinning room along with a kitchen here. They aren’t here yet but this place will be very different after the grand opening of this building at the end of this month. It’s a place for my VIP guests. Oh! Slides. Yeah. If you look that way, you’ll see

The Landmark 81. Look at this painting. Yeah, the painting. A great gathering place. There will be a fine kitchen here with appliances from one of the top kitchen equipment manufacturer in the world, Dudoff Vietnam. This place’s gonna look amazing at night. Outstanding views from all four directions. Here. This place will be dedicated to serving guests of mine and the company’s. Please take a look at this nextdoor building. The top floor of it will also be converted into a rooftop bar and beer garden to serve the locals of this ward. Two bars, but the one of this building is more luxurious since it costs more to make.

The partying floor. I think many of you have already seen the interior design of our old building on Hoang Hoa Tham street, It looks quite simple, just like a typical office. But the design here is more innovative, we learned the idea from The Color Man House. The young seemed to love that innovative design, that’s why I decided to give this one a similar design. And once again, allow me to clarify that this is just a rental building. But it’s a longterm rental, 10 years to be precise. What do you think this floor is for? Looks innovative but it’s actually for the Accounting and Finance Department.

Light, please. Accounting and Finance Department, guys. So elegant. Where’s the light? Turn on the lights, please. The furniture isn’t here yet. It’ll look amazing. The view is outstanding here. Look at it, we can even see The Landmark 81 here. No one has ever thought that this Ward of 13 in Binh Thanh which used to be filled with swamps and empty fields could be this beautiful like today. This road is called Phan Chu Trinh. You can take Chu Van An street to get here, or you can take Bang Ky Bridge, or Binh Loi Bridge. Finance and Accounting. Today is also the packing day. Let’s move on! Did you come from downstairs? Where’s your room? This is the 4th floor.

It’s of the content and production team. Redmoon and Funbox too. That’s right. This is Khuong Dua’s place. Look how cute the color is! Pink! This floor has a lot of girls. The kids would love this. It looks like a kindergarten. Where will Khuong sit? Over here. Alright. I’ll allow him to bring his daughter here. This row is of Funbox, over there is the content center. Why don’t you turn on the air conditioner? Don’t be stingy. It’s really hot. Let’s go to the 3rd floor. This building has 6 floors. And there’s a rooftop too. That’s the 7th floor. But it’s still shorter than the 121 building.

This floor is for film making and postproduction. It has this flashy glass. During the opening day, I’ll let you guys see the working environment here. I want to say thank you to the design and construction team of Color Man home. Manage by Mr. Khanh, our vice president. Here’s a piece of advertising If you guys want a nice house, you can contact Color Man home. Super nice and super cheap. It’s cheap. This whole building only cost 10 billion. The interior cost me 10 billion. That’s really cheap. You can sit wherever you like. Just don’t face your back to the window. You sit here too? Production team, right? Then this is your place.

Here? Yes. You need a wall to cover your back. Those rooms are for film making. The whole film crew is here too. Watch your step. Everything here is nice. But the restroom is nowhere near Color Man Kitchen. Let’s go to the 2nd floor. This place is larger than the 121 building. But it has fewer floors. Which team is this floor? It looks simple. Khanh? Is this belongs to the network team? Bong’s team? Why does it look so simple? Bong says this is why Mr. Dien doesn’t visit her. What? Not yet. It’s not ugly at all. The more simple the better. These guys don’t understand anything about design.

This belongs to the Dien Quan network. But the girls like it to be colorful. But it looks nicer like this. It has a nice view too. With some more lights, it will be better. Better, right? Watching the lights. They are greedy. Their old room was more ugly. The network team doesn’t like this. That’s absurd. Alright, let’s go down. We cannot go down. Let’s take the staircase. What a tight door. This door is expensive. That door is usable. But I will use this. Stand there, I’ll take a photo of you. Pull down your face mask. No lipstick yet? You don’t like it? Let them go back to the old place.

Alright, everyone. This is the end of our trip. Introducing a new place of Dien Quan Company. This building is at 175 Phan Chu Trinh, Ward 13, Binh Thanh District. The building next here is number 177. It’ll be easier for me to manage everything. Through this video, I have some words to everyone Those who love me, Khuong Dua and everyone at Dien Quan It’s a bit sad when I have to leave that place. Nothing too serious. But I’m also touched when everyone cares for me. They hope I could overcome the hardship. They thought because of the bad situation that I had to move.. But it wasn’t like that., I’m doing it. Hey, give everyone some incenses in advance, please. Yeah, yeah, burn them too. Then just give them to everyone. Here, let me. Yes, burn the whole pack, then give each person here one incense. Sorry then. Hello, my dear viewers. Y